Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lava Planet Tiles for Planetary Empires

More tiles for Planetary Empires today. This time, instead of a Martian or red planet theme, its more of a Mustafar inspired planet. A lava based world with a lot of the hot magma bubbling to the surface where the crust has been battered from orbital fire, and it flows in rivers along what was once presumably lovely countryside with fluffy bunnies happily bouncing along. 

These are approximately half of the tiles that I intend to do for the lava planet. The other half is in progress. The painting techniques used are fairly standard in terms of dry brushing and black ink for shading. For the lava painting, I used a wet blending technique that is very similar to how I paint the hellblades on bloodletters -- building up from a deep red colour through to orange, yellow and a splash of near-white at the very hottest points. The overall effect is a striking one: the dull greys and blacks giving way to a vibrant lava colour that flows across the land and seeps upward through a brittle and thin crust in a variety of places, overflowing the ruined buildings picked out in a bone colour across the battered land.

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