Saturday, April 16, 2016

Armoured Spearhead 30k Army List: 1850 points

Today, I wanted to write up a generic army list for 30k that focussed on the Armoured Spearhead rite of war. The main strengths of the rite of war are that we can have lots of land raiders. But this comes at a price: everything must be transported and the enemy can gain extra game points by destroying every vehicle. But do they have the fire power to wreck lots of land raiders?

List Building.
The primary problem with Armoured Spearhead is the points level. At 1850 points, there's not too much room to manoeuvre. But are there enough threats if all there is on the board is land raiders? Do I have points left over for an allied detachment of something else? What about a Questoris Knights allied detachment? That might certainly be interesting! But not really affordable at 1850 points restrictions.

* Praetor, terminator, thunder hammer, grenade harness (165 points)
* Command squad, (4 members), terminator armour, 1 heavy flamer, 2 chainfists, 2 powerfists (220 points)
* Dedicated land raider phobos transport (250 points)

* Legion Breacher Siege Squad, 10 members, all with melta bombs, 2 melta guns, legion vexilla, sergeant with combi-melta, power fist, artificer armour (355 points)
* Dedicated land raider proteus with exploratory augury web (250 points)
* Legion Tactical Squad, 10 members, additional chainswords each, sergeant with power fist and artificer armour, legion vexilla, nuncio-vox, melta bombs (220 points)
* Dedicated land raider phobos transport (250 points)
* Tactical support squad with flamers (100 points)
* Dedicated Rhino (35 points)

I really wanted a 4th land raider in here, but that would involve re-thinking the command squad and taking extra troops. And I really want to have the terminators and the standard bearer in there. 

The main disadvantage here is so few infantry on the board -- only 30 of them which is low at this points level. Recall that the other day I fitted 70 power armour bodies in to an Alpha Legion list which is more than double this. But the advantages are obvious: 3 land raiders and a rhino. Plus one of those land raiders has the exploratory web for the proteus to mess around with reserves of the enemy which is always nice. 

Overall, the army will require a bit of finesse to play and expert placement of its critical components. But its fun and any opposing army will have trouble facing down 3 land raiders. Do they have the fire power to take care of everything?

The list can be upgraded with an achilles land raider perhaps, but I'd like to try to fit a 4th land raider in somehow, I just don't quite know what to cut to make it so. Perhaps taking a tactical squad in place of the breachers would be a good move, but I do like the breachers here! 


Zuul said...

The exploratory augury web reduces transport capacity so you couldn't stuff 10 breachers into the land rider if it is taken.

jabberjabber said...

Excellent spotting! Thank you sincerely -- that had eluded me. Switch up the support squad being transported there and its okay.

Druidic Mender said...

I like this list. I am going to go for something similar but Pride of the Legion. Breachers in a Phobos, Veteran Tactical Squads and Praetor + Command Squad in a Phobos. I realize terminators could deep strike allowing me to have something extra in, but I like it. Never cosidered Proteus.

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