Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Red Planet Tiles Finished

Following on from yesterday's post about some test tiles that I did for an upcoming tile based tournament that my former gaming group are having, I managed to finish off the basic "Red Planet" set of tiles. 

I'm imaging that this is a small rocky terrestrial class planet somewhere on the outer edge of a habitability zone. Not too unlike Mars perhaps, but smaller. Arguably.

As readers will be able to pick out from the image, I've used Mighty Empires tiles in combination with Planetary Empires tiles here. The river is a bit of a dead give-away really. But then again, I hope that the overall effect has been to successfully hide certain Might Empires features through the cunning use of applied paintwork. In particular, I think one would be hard pressed to identify the grain field in the tiles if you didn't know what you were looking for. 

The rivers have been done in a green colour to reflect an alien world. Or possibly pollution. I'm good with that either way. On a base of dark green, I lightened the colour with a wet blend up to approximately striking scorpion greed as the highlight colour along the edges of the bends. I think the effect has worked nicely overall. The central tile features a silvered wall which will no doubt be fought over hard. It could also double up as a small airfield for a planetary assault to take place.

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