Friday, April 29, 2016

Which Legion is the Most Powerful?

Poll time ladies and gents!

In 40k, a recent poll of players unsurprisingly placed Eldar as the "most powerful" army out there, closely followed by Tau and then Space Marines and Necrons (for a variety of reasons, I would think). So I wanted to consider the 30k Space Marine Legions and their special rules and units here.

Which of the Legions do you think ranks as the most powerful?

Implicit in this question is the fact that the legions army lists are reasonably balanced in terms of points. So which legion possesses the most powerful special rules? Do the Iron Hands take it with their inviolate armour? Is the Night Lords predilection for causing fear driving everything before them? Clearly not the Salamanders, but do their terminators make the Salamanders the most powerful?

You can select multiple entries in the poll to the right. I've also included options for Space Wolves and Thousand Sons. Clearly we don't know their special rules yet, but feel free to guess or guesstimate where they would be on the scale of things relative to the other legions!

Comments welcome!


A. said...

Salamanders. Multi-wound models with Storm Shields.

jabberjabber said...

Throw in a Primus Medicae and behold the 30k death star unit!
Equally, its a large points value sink that could be taken care of with a few units of Eldar wraith, or some vindicators (etc.), so it has to be well used and deployed :)

jabberjabber said...

…and, of course, anything the Salamanders can do, the Alpha Legion can also do reasonably well...

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