Thursday, April 28, 2016

Deathstorm Drop Pod Basecoated

A bit of painting progress today, and the Deathstorm Drop Pod has received its inaugural base coat. The painting was done here using an air brush. Following a black undercoat, I decided to broadly follow the Alpha Legion formula that I worked out earlier and spray painted a layer of lead belcher and rune fang silver over the top of the black undercoat. For some of the regions I kept the layer light -- this can be seen at the top of the "fins" of the drop pod near the top where I haven't bothered with the gunmetal blue colour. 

Over the top of the silver layers comes the gunmetal blue from Vallejo. This only goes on the outside lower regions and the edges of the drop pod ramps. 

And that's broadly it for now. I'll be touching up the outline of the silver and blue on the interior in a future step and adding some embellishments to the painting at a later stage. But that's it broadly done at a basic level. 

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