Monday, August 17, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Veletaris Storm Section

These are the more elite members of the Solar Auxilia, charged with tough battle field roles and armed with Volkite Chargers to help them out.

Volkite weapons are always an interesting choice. They need to be taken in large numbers to have a good chance of maximising their effects, and the Veletaris Section is just about over the cusp of making that happen given their BS is an amazing 4 (for mortals).

On top of this, they have reinforced void armour to help keep them alive, plus the usual grenades as well as laspistols (which shouldn't be forgotten about in a charge situation!).

They also have the choice of swapping out their volkites in favour of rotor cannons (probably not worth it) or power axes (a very interesting and worthwhile choice!).

They're mortals with 1 wound each T=3 and a 4+ save. They're not going to survive a Fury of the Legion attack, so they need to be manoeuvred accordingly. They're not the meat shields that the lasrifle section is either as they're about twice the cost per model. Be careful with their placement and they might survive to reap rewards. Shroud Bombs can help with this.

Veletaris Section with Shroud Bombs, Prime with Melta Bombs, Power Fist (160 points).
This is probably the basic build for the squad. Get in range and decimate enemies with the volkite chargers. Use the power fist and melta bombs as required. Add a Nuncio-Vox to taste.

Veltaris Section with Shroud Bombs and Power Axes, Nuncio-Vox, Prime with Melta Bombs and Plasma Pistol (215 points).
Lots of power axes here. Terminators do this job better to be sure, but this squad can do some real damage if they're allowed to. They're a points sink and vulnerable as well though. So take care with positioning and think about how they're going to get in to combat.

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