Sunday, August 23, 2015

Assembled Armillus Dynat

After unboxing Armillus Dynat a little while ago, I finally got around to putting the final touches to the model and fitting it all together. 

There were two sources of (very minor) headaches for me.

Firstly was the scenic base. Not only does it fit very tight and snugly around the regular round playing base, but getting it to sit right against all the other scenery proved tricky. I strongly recommend that others dry fit everything to make sure its all in place. (The cape especially took me a while to get positioned well enough next to the sword). 

The second was associated with the thunder hammer. If you look closely at the model I've built and compare it to the ones available elsewhere on the internet (or indeed, on Forge World's own website) you will see that the thunder hammer in my image is positioned differently. 

The variant positioning resulted from two factors. Although the hammer was warped slightly, I managed to get out the bulk of the kink from it with hot water, but some still remained. And when I attached it to the body, I found that I had angled the shoulder a little bit too forward facing for where it should have been. 

The net result of all this is that the hammer appears to rest on Dynat's foot, rather than just in front of him. I'm actually not bothered by this at all, as it looks like a very natural pose, and one that is slightly on the edge of arrogance as well. I feel this suits the character of Dynat superlatively well: martial hubris embodied!


Mordian7th said...

Looks great, man! I've had hat same issue with the scenic bases being just a little too tight, which isn't helped by subsequent layers of primer and paint. Oof!

Looking forward to seeing him painted up!

jabberjabber said...

Cheers mate!
It might take a while to paint…. I'm still trying to decide on the best paint scheme for my Alpha Legion forces and am not quite sure what to opt for just yet. I might have to do some test models.

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