Monday, August 17, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Auxilia Flamer Section

The flamer section does exactly what it sounds like it would do: brings chemical flames to a large bunch of enemies. It is probably best deployed against similar troops, Orks, and Tyranid Gaunts. Against marines, its going to be weight of wounds that carries these troops.

Flamers! Everywhere!

Take three of these in a Tercio and they could be a very serious threat to be honest. With flames everywhere, even power armoured opponents will hesitate charging them and will instead rely on shooting them.

As with other entries in the Solar Auxilia, these guys are mortals with a stat line that reflects that status and a 4+ save. Beware of being routed.

There's really not too many build to consider here, with only the sergeant able to take upgrades.

Auxilia Flamer Section, Sergeant with Melta Bombs (130 points).
A base-line build.

Auxilia Flamer Section, Sergeant with Melta Bombs, Power Fist (145 points).
A power fisted sergeant here in case of close combat. 

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