Thursday, August 6, 2015

Alpha Legion Contemptor

For the Emperor! Hydra Dominatus!

Alpharius fell early on in the Great Crusade whilst waging righteous war against foul xenos. Or Imperial traitors. We're not sure. Luckily, Apothecary Alpharius was on hand to save Alpharius. With the aid of Alpharius and Tech Marine Alpharius, Alpharius was interred in to the sarcophagus of a Legion Contemptor. Always loyal, Alpharius volunteered to field test new weapons that were recovered by Alpharius on a different battlefield. Reverse engineered, these weapons were fitted to Alpharius' chassis by Alpharius. Alpharius now strides the battlefield targeting Space Wolf and Thousand Sons alike on Alpharius' orders. For the Emperor. Hydra Dominatus.

Torso, Right Shoulder, Left Calf, Feet = Alpha Legion Contemptor.
Left Shoulder, Right Calf, Legs, Groin, Knees = Emperor's Children Contemptor.
Weapons = Necron Tesla Destructors from the Annihilation Barge set. 
Missiles, Head = boxed set from Forge World.
Base = scratch built (see yesterday's post). 
Magnets (for the weapons) drilled in place as well.


MasterSlowPoke said...

I'm surprised by how good those Telsa Destructors look on a contemptor.

jabberjabber said...

Agreed! It was just one of those really random thoughts: I wonder how they would look?! And I liked it!
I think they'll be counts-as lascannons for the contemptor...

Da Masta Cheef said...

Couldn't help but laugh every time I read 'Alpharius'

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