Thursday, August 20, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Auxilia Arvus Lighter Orbital Shuttle

Noted in the background as being something of a workhorse, the Arvus is a light transport for both troops and equipment. The Solar Auxilia uses an armed version of the Arvus to insert specific troops in to the right location at the right moment.

It flies. It hovers. It can deep strike. And it has room for 12 personnel. That's about it to be honest.

It is not very durable as the armour is no better than a rhino. The BS and HP are both low. The capacity of the Arvus cannot carry a full 20 Auxilia which would be needed for lasrifle sections unfortunately. This means that only specialist sections, or command groups would be transported.

On top of this, given the poor armour, its likely that the only way to play the Arvus is by deep strike. Hence you need some kind of accurate landing system on the ground in all probability to use it this way.

There are a large number of options available. I'll look at a couple below.

Arvus, Twin-Linked Lascannons (95 points)
Forget the transport capacity here, its a flying, deep striking twin linked lascannon! Go hunting some tanks and take multiple Arvus' that are similarly armed! Add hell strike missiles to taste.

Arvus, Flare/Chaff Launcher, Armoured Cockpit, Extra Armour, Flare Shield (130 points)
The defensive build for the Arvus. This is when you are carrying precious people on board and want to survive and/or deploy on the board from the start of the game rather than deep-striking in.

Arvus, Twin-Linked Autocannon, Flare Shield (110 points)
A build that combines decent firepower coupled with a bit of defence capability to give opponents pause for thought. Several of these could be a headache.

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