Sunday, August 16, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Auxilia Enginseer

The representatives and operatives of the Mechanicum have many guises. In the Solar Auxilia, these are the Enginseers. They're able to not only repair tanks and vehicles, but can be deployed with an array of automata that sport a plethora of weapons.

These guys are adaptable to different situations and their strength depends almost directly on their battlefield role.

To repair vehicles, one wants to field a lot of servo-automata to ensure that repair rolls are going to be as successful as possible.

For gun line batteries, there are a number of options, but range must be taken in to account.

Although cheaper than an Astartes Techmarine, they also have a worse stat line and less access to interesting technology like conversion beamer projectors.

3 Enginseers, 8 Servo-Automata with servo-arms (165 points)
Maximum number of models, but no upgrades. This is a unit meant to stick close (or even on board) a valuable tank to keep it going and fully repaired.

1 Enginseer with Graviton Gun and Refractor Field, 5 Servo-Automata with Multi-Meltas (170 points)
A build meant for dealing with enemy tanks. Could do with a transport to get them where they need to be though.

1 Enginseer with Volkite Charger, Cortex Controller, 8 Servo-Automata with Flamers (150 points)
Sit on an objective. Take some battle automata units along with you thanks to the cortex controller and equip for ranged duties. The flamers are a deterrent to incoming melee units charging you.

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