Sunday, August 16, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Auxilia Lasrifle Section

One of the basic divisions that can make up a Tercio (which can be up to 3 sections), the Lasrifle Section is probably what most people would consider to be the Solar Auxilia core selection for troops (and later, the Imperial Army / Imperial Guard and other analogues).

Cheap. Cheerful. And lots of lasrifles.

Almost anything else. If you're thinking about close combat, you're doing it wrong, unless you're thinking about tar-pitting.

Auxilia Lasrifle Section, Sergeant with melta bombs (105 points)
A very basic set-up, but it doesn't need to be much more than this to be honest. Twenty lasrifles ready to aim and fire. Not subtle. Sometimes lacking effectiveness. But cheap.

Auxilia Lasrifle Section, Troop Master with Powerfist and melts-bombs (135 points)
A build that includes a troop master for better survivability and a hidden power fist on the basis that if they get in to combat, the troop master might actually survive long enough to employ it.

Auxilia Lasrifle Section, all with Blast-Chargers, Troop Master with Powerfist and melts-bombs (160 points)
An almost maxed-out squad that includes the often valuable Blast-Chargers for better strength attacks from the las rifles, at the cost of smaller range. Get them in to position carefully. 

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