Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tau Codex Impressions

The Tau codex has now been available for a few days and I've been trying to think how to best exploit it from a chaos point of view.

In terms of chaos space marines, having the Tau as allies gives a little bit of flexibility for cheaper troops to get in there as auxiliaries.  I feel the Tau would make great back field allies -- creating a wall of firepower to cover the advance of chaos space marine troops and elites.  Indeed: letting the elites and chaos troops go forth and do what they need to do.  I'd probably still be looking at keeping elements like the heldrake, but mixing in there perhaps a riptide with some tau fire warriors.  And perhaps if I'm feeling a little bit more fluffy, taking some Kroot along the way as well for laughs.

For chaos daemons, I think the complementarity is high.  Let the daemons deep strike and close to close range for some melee, whilst the fire warriors hold the rear (and perhaps an objective) at the back, using marker lights as a deterrent for incoming charges. Indeed, the possibilities for having a somewhat static gun line at the back and a forward component of (say) Slaanesh is very appealing as it combines together all the right ingredients for a balanced, yet powerful army.  Let the dark gods corrupt the Tau: she who thirsts will be pleased...


erfunk said...

Did they change the ally matrix for Tau? Otherwise, Chaos Daemons and Tau are desperate allies, and would thus be non-scoring, non-denial.

jabberjabber said...

Tau as the primary in the back line - ie scoring and having 1 or more objectives; daemons to rip in to the opposition in an all or nothing wipe out attempt. Apologies for not spelling this out!

CSM are not desperate (which amuses me!)

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