Saturday, April 20, 2013

Chaos Daemons Review: Beasts of Nurgle

They are beasts - yes.  But they're also slow and purposeful!  The interaction between these two rules is entertaining and not to be taken lightly.

One of the most interesting aspects of Beasts of Nurgle is their ability to counter charge a successful charge from the enemy on a nearby unit.  Therefore these guys have a tremendous escort role in the new daemons codex.  Several of these scattered throughout a couple of plaguebearer units could be quite a devastating combination.  Particularly since they combine T5, W4, It Will Not Die, and poisoned attacks.  And any unit charging them counts as a disordered charge.

The main drawback is the points cost and the random number of attacks (d6+1).  Hence, I feel a bit on the fence about these guys.  They could be spectacular!  Or they could be a damp squib.  I'm just torn.  Perhaps a few proxy missions are in order.

I think I'd field them in small quantities.  So my preferred combination would be two (104 points) or three (156 points) Beasts of Nurgle in a unit.  Keep them alive and keep them rolling with the plaguebearer mob (or others).

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SnaleKing said...

"escort" is just about the perfect role for them. Tough, and weaken assaults by making them disordered: note that they don't have to be charged to make charges disordered, just jump in. So, they can protect units by weakening how hard enemies can punch them.

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