Sunday, April 7, 2013

Chaos Daemons Review: Nurglings

Not only can they deep strike, they can also infiltrate.  Seriously: infiltrating nurglings!  Sneaky critters! I'm actually in love with the new nurglings: they're cute, playful, loving, caring and have sharp teeth and claws for invaders.  Oh, and they like turning milk sour.  And other fun things!  (mostly involving slime, disease, decay and disgusting things).

But at 45 points for 3 bases (or swarms as they're now referred to), are they worth it?  They each have an incredible 4 wounds and attacks, but everything else is 3's across the board (save leadership).  This isn't so bad to be honest.  I can see uses for them in the front as a magnet, in the backfield as a rock, or about anywhere else as a conga line of tarpitting.  But they're up against plaguebearers: are those extra wounds and infiltrate worthwhile?  Its a balance to be sure.  A unit of nurglings and several plaguebearer units could be great in tandem.  But slow and purposeful will hurt.

Here's my suggestion:
7 Nurgling Swarms (105 points).
Why 7?  Because its Nurgle's sacred number. And its enough to form a solid conga line. Enough said.

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