Thursday, April 25, 2013

FAQ Digest

The new FAQ just released provides some gems contained within a lot of reading.

For the core rules, the situation with blast templates has been tidied up (glad to have no more arguments about that within our local group!).

 For the armies that I'm interested in, the major one that took my notice was about Abaddon. He is marked by destiny (the gods themselves appear to have plans for him ... just as planned!) and he will not be turned in to either a jibbering chaos spawn or undergo dark apotheosis in to a daemon prince. Fluff-wise, I really like this. Its similar to how Alpharius/Omegon never became a daemon prince (and adds fuel to the rumours about them not really being chaos aligned) and means that Abaddon has a future in the background beyond his dark crusades.

For the daemon armies, there really is not too much of interest to note. It simply clarifies that heralds who take chariots replace the other lesser daemon that would usually come with said chariot.  And the daemon prince of Khorne is clarified.  All good, but not exciting or unprecedented.  

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