Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chaos Daemons Review: Blood Throne of Khorne

The blood throne is the first of the chariots that have distinct entries in the codex. As a 12 12 10 3HP thing, it is somewhat fragile and likely to be taken down with a few hits.  But equally, its no worse than a rhino (apart from the open top aspect of course), and we still see many a rhino on the battlefield even in 6th edition.

For it to be fully effective, the blood throne needs to be up close and personal with the enemy -- the ability for it to heal itself via gorefeast / hammer of wrath is excellent.  Whether we this is the deciding factor is unclear to me: I think a turn of dedicated incoming fire is going to eliminate it with ease.

The totem of endless bloodletting is an interesting upgrade that allows loci to spread 6 inches from the chariot.  I like the intention behind this rule immensely.  The greater locus of fury and the exalted locus of wrath are going to be excellent contenders for this honour.  As such, this "force multiplier" is sorely tempting to the for a Khorne focussed army since chariots of this nature will become nodes / nexuses of the army -- effectively making the Khorne daemons have an edge more deadliness in close combat.  As such, if we are running Khorne and taking a blood throne, I'd be tempted to take more than one.

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