Monday, November 21, 2011

Winner of the November 2011 Army List Challenge

The results of the November 2011 Army List Challenge are in:

Spaguatyrine (Space Wolves) 14%
Torgrimm (Dark Eldar) 17%
Brninghalo (Chaos Space Marines / Worldeaters) 7%
Porky (AdMech Fandex) 28%
Quite_Thor (Grey Knights) 32%

So the winner is Quite_Thor with a slim margin over Porky.  Congratulations to Quite_Thor!  Your name is already entered in to the Hall of Fame.  And well played to all of the other entrants -- they really made me think about the challenge in new ways. 

Finally, thanks to CodyJ for supplying the idea for this challenge.  If anyone else out there wants to make a suggestion for a future challenge, please send an email or leave a comment.  The next Challenge will be up on Dec 1st!

1 comment:

Quite_Thor said...

Oh, that IS nice!

Of course, I voted for the Dark Eldar list as all those splinters were just plain scarier than the terminators!

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