Friday, November 4, 2011

Note to Self: True Cost of Summoned Greater Daemons

This topic has already been talked about extensively elsewhere, but I wanted to briefly add my own notes-to-self on this blog for my own purposes in listbuilding (at least prior to Codex: Chaos Legions). 

Since Greater Daemons require a champion of chaos in order to be able to come on to the board (summoned), the true cost of a greater daemon is not simply the (frankly attractive looking) 100 points, but 100 plus at least 30 (1xCSM, upgraded to champion).  In all likelihood, the champion(s) will be equipped with something a bit more effective than harsh language, such as a power fist.  Hence the greater daemon might "cost" something more like 155+ points.
In my Death Guard armies, I employ plague champions with power fists regularly (63 points).  This really bumps up the points cost of the greater daemon to something more comparable to those found in codex: daemons (but without the cool rules associated with them).  But by employing multiple champions, the chance of getting a greater daemon to where its most needed is increased.

When I use summoned greater daemons, I now think of them as being chaos champions that change form at some point during the game.  This helps me visualize them a bit better and their capabilities.  Doing this for a starting player is hard though -- I used to find myself getting locked-in on thinking of them as champions only and seeing the greater daemon as something separate entirely.


HOTpanda said...

I view it as upgrading my Champion not killing my champion off. With this in mind my 2000pt army has two plain jane champions. One via a plague marine squad of 7 with two meltas in a rhino. This squads wants to move up and get in melta range and makes for an ideal deliver tool for a Great Daemon. The other blank champion is in a 6 man chosen squad that has 5 plasma guns and a rhino. Now I have the option to infiltrate them if there a nice position for them. THis also allows for the Greater Daemon to support them. I can also reserve them to outflank which is a risk since the Greater Daemon might come in from reserve on the same turn or before. A suitable risk though as if that is the case the plain champion is an extra wound. Overall I am a big fan of the greater daemon and think it is well worth it.

Phil said...

I'm hoping there's some adjustment to the outrageous points costs for upgrading to champions in the next update. Compared to Space Marine sergeants for instance, a similarly equipped Chaos champion winds up costing a lot more. Don't get me started on KSons sorcerers.

Also, if a Greater Daemon winds up having an effective points cost of 150+, it's no wonder that Daemon Princes are usually an auto-include in Chaos lists. I can get wings and warptime, and not lose my squad champs, and arguably get something that has better utility in the prince.

Still, I'd really like to run some big uglies in a Word Bearers list or something. Lots of Possessed and summoned daemons as well!

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