Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Perth Visit. 1 - City GW

Perth, Western Australia.  The Swan River.  Subiaco and the WACA.  Nope - I checked out GW in Perth's city centre!

The store is physically located inside one of the shopping malls in the city centre of Perth (the Carillon City mall on Murray Street).  It is a bright, modern mall that is very accessible in comparison to other stores I've been to.

Physically, the store is small however.  It is certainly smaller than Brisbane city centre, Melbourne city centre and (of course) Sydney city centre (which is a battle bunker store for reference).  It might be only a little larger than Chadstone for instance.  This limits the number of tables and how many people can squeeze in, but in that regard, it seemed spacious to me due to a good layout.  The staff were impeccable (two thumbs up for good customer interaction) and my (short) visit was very pleasant.  

Another report from Perth tomorrow...!

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