Thursday, November 24, 2011

Of Angron's Activities and the Other Daemon Primarchs

Continuing my rambling thoughts on what the primarch's are up to in the 41st millennium, today I want to briefly touch on Angron. To my mind, Angron remains somewhat active and is, overall, a very visible primarch at the terminal end of the 41st millennium.  As a daemon prince (daemon primarch) of Khorne, Angron not only has apocalypse rules for his deployment on the tabletop (unlike other primarchs), but actively revels in the destruction he can bring about.  This is in contrast to the other chaos daemon primarchs who have a less than stellar participation rate in the 41st millenium.

Take Lorgar for instance -- the canon background is that he has locked himself away on the daemon world of Sicarus to contemplate, meditate and worship the nature of chaos for a long time, whilst letting his Word Bearers, commanded by the Dark Council in his stead, launch a twisted war from both Sicarus and Ghalmek.

Mortarion meanwhile rots away on the plague planet.  Occasionally sending a plague fleet in to the Immaterium to plague (literally) the Imperium of man.  Hence Mortarion has retreated from the real world, but still acts as a conduit of Nurgle's will.

On the planet of the Sorcerers, Magnus the Red confines himself and doesn't leave; content to send out agents (in much the same way as Mortarion, curiously) and learn more about magic from afar. The only notable exception being the Battle of the Fang.

Perhaps Fulgrim was a bit more active than the Tzeentch and Nurgle primarchs (and certainly moreso than Lorgar!), but his last known action was to lay low Roboute Guilliman.  Since then, he's perfectly happy (pun?!) spending his time on a Slaaneshi daemon world and has effectively removed himself from "activity".

Meanwhile, Perturabo secured the daemon world of Medrengard (where whisps of black smoke from a dark star caresses the surface) the and built the Fortress of Hate. He hasn't partaken of any further campaigns directly as far as I can tell.

And as for the Alpha Legion, it is likely their primarch(s) are not daemons...  So who knows what Alpharius and/or Omegon are up to...


Menzies Tank said...

Don't forget Mortarion recently had his butt-whooped by Supreme Grandmaster Chuck Norris of the Grey Knights during one of his misadventures.

(Draigo carved the name 'Geronitan' onto Mortarion's heart, the Daemon Primarch having slain the newly-minted Supreme Grandmaster in 901.M41 at the Battle of Kornovin. How 'literal' this is supposed to be, Ward only knows).

I also note from memory ( the old Epic Chaos Demon armies used models and rules of the Daemon Primarchs, were there not fluff explanations for their incursions into the Imperium?

jabberjabber said...

Ah yes! Well remembered! I'd forgotten about that.

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