Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Do Blight Drones Work with Epidemius?

Blight drones are produced by Forge World with rules published separately.  They are supposed to be created in the image of, and possessed by Nurgle.  Significantly, they're about the only viable fast attack choice for an Epidemius Army and add some much needed firepower to it.

But here is the twist.  Codex: chaos daemons states that the Tally of Pestilence that fuels an Epidemius Army only works for models "killed by followers of Nurgle (i.e. any daemon of Nurgle, or model with the Mark of Nurgle)".  Nowhere in the rules for the Blight Drone does it state that is has the Mark of Nurgle, or is explicitly a Nurgle Daemon.  So: do blight drone kills count toward Epidemius' tally?

On the other hand, nowhere in codex: chaos daemons do they explicitly define what models belong to "daemons of Nurgle".  The blight drone could well fall under that category given it is (clearly) possessed by a Nurgle entity.  Comments welcome!


Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

I would say "YES!"
The description of the model on Forgeworld clearly states "A Daemon manifesting as a machine, these formidable daemon engines of the Plague God poison and corrupt the battlefield."

It is a Daemon.
A Daemon Engine.

So yeah..

Siph_Horridus said...

Agreed. Daemon engine. Tally counts...

Damn The Valley said...

I would also have to say yes. It's obviously a Nurgle Demon, and it's described as such, just without the actual statement of "Yo, this is most definately a Nurgle Demon."

Spifferson said...

Unless agreed upon by the organizers beforehand In any competitive environment the answer would be no.

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