Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Long Barrel Marine

Following on from the earlier long-barrelled bolter conversion, this is a standard space marine painted up in white (bone?) armour with purple trim carrying the aforementioned long-barrelled bolter.  The painting scheme doesn't follow any particular marine chapter that I'm aware of -- I simply wanted to test out how well (or not) purple went with white.

To paint the white, I followed a prescription inspired by Ron at From the Warp (cf. Death Wing).  Much of my painting style is sloppy -- largely a result of too many Nurglesque miniatures.  Whilst I feel competent with greens, blues and reds (and various shades therein), white (and indeed, yellow) has always been a problem for me.  So, why not try a bit of white painting for a change and see if I can't develop it along a little bit?  This miniature features a dheneb stone basecoat followed by a series of washes on top of steadily more diluted layers.  In adding the layers on top of each other, I've left a black gap around the white to accentuate the feeling of the white.  The purple is not an easy colour for me either -- the highlighting inparticular is not terrific here, but I gave it a go.  Although I've not added any weathering to the miniature, I did have a small dab at adding some battle-damage to the mix in a few places -- particularly around joints.  The bolter is the simplistic part of this painting, being a pair of silver colours.  The overall effect is pleasing and serves as a nice proof-of-concept for such long-barrelled marines.

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