Friday, November 18, 2016

Thallax Assembly #2

Today, the second of my Thallaxi squad. This one also features a lightning gun, but the pose is very different to the first one. The gun itself is slung low to the left hand side of the miniature -- I positioned it very low like this as I intend to mount this particular miniature on at least one layer of cork basing on its circular base. The other hand is somewhat open. Almost like it is gesticulating at something or someone.

One idea that did occur to me was to try to use this open hand to make the miniature hold something. Something like a space marine helmet perhaps?! I might toy with this idea later to be honest as I'm not so sure it suits the grip entirely. 

Also, this miniature has no piping coming from out of the back of the weapon. I might take advice and just make my own by twirling some wires together to create the effect to be honest.

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