Sunday, November 13, 2016

Warhammer World: Alpha Legion of Horus Heresy

Finally for this series, we have the Alpha Legion. Once again snapped at Warhammer World during their special exhibit, there are a range of painting and presentation styles here. For Dynat, the sparking approach to the armour with glittering blue edged and accented with silver and black. For the squad, a more muted blue colour not featuring so many accents, but provides an excellent table top quality. For a further squad, a very mucky and dirty approach to painting: clearly a blue armour base, but almost obscured by the sheer level of dirt applied over the top. I'm not sure how much of a fan of this approach I am to be honest -- legs and feet, sure: they're bound to be mucky after a protracted campaign. But the entire armour being this obscured is odd outside of a mud storm or similar perhaps. And some tanks and a contemptor to round it all off! A great reference point for me personally and you can see certain hints of these kinds of schemes combined in my own work (here and here).


Emmet Fay said...

I agree with you on the mud overdose. I can imagine Imperial Fists or Iron Warriors getting that filthy in a siege but it doesn't seem like Alpha Legion's style.

jabberjabber said...

I think some mud is perfectly acceptable. But these guys look like they've been dug in for a very long time. Sure, it might happen, and gives a certain aesthetic unity to the miniatures, but for me its just a bit much.

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