Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thallax Assembly #1

Moving in to the Mechanicum as a small auxiliary force for my space marines, today just a few notes about putting together some Thallax. As shock troops, I really like the aesthetic of these cyborgs, so long as I ignore the fluff about how they're supposedly created. 

The main issue with my thallax has been to attach the power cord from the rear of the lightning gun to the rear of the torso. For this particular specimen, it was not a problem, but I'll show in a future post how a slight mis-glue spoilt another example. 

I like the pose (and pose-ability) of these thallax and as can be seen in the picture, I've made this one in to a running stance which adds to the dynamism of the miniature. Once based, it'll pop a bit more on the tabletop with a bit of luck.


The GunGrave said...

I ditched the cables altogether and made my own with garden wire. So much easier!

BKB Teun said...

Garden wire for the cables, guitar string for hoses, sounds brilliant!

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