Friday, January 24, 2014

Veterans of the Long War, Supplement Rumors and Thoughts

There are plenty of rumours doing the rounds about the potential supplement for Chaos Space Marines with the Veterans of the Long War upgrade. In short, it appears that us chaos players will be able to purchase additional upgrades for chaos space marines that already have the Veterans of the Long War rule. This would include rules like Fear, Infiltrate, Tank Hunter and Preferred Enemy (amongst others).

As a long time chaos player, this kind of upgrade harkens back to the (good old?) days of the 3rd edition codex for chaos space marines -- one which is still held in high regard by both power gamers and casual players alike.  It creates the ability to really fine tune what the chaos space marine horde should look like and play like. Hence one can imagine creating a Night Lords fine tuned army with plenty of fear, or an Alpha Legion force with lots of infiltrating units.

Personally, I hope that these rumours turn out to be true. It would be great to craft a force (not only the old legions, but newer chaos chapters!) along these lines once again without having to rely on certain units to be competitive all the time -- it would (should?) open up a variety of new builds for the chaos space marine player and force opponents to reconsider how they play against them.

That,  and its about time that Chaos Space Marines caught up with certain other codex builds  XD

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Thor said...

I don't follow rumors so I was unaware of this one. I agree, it would be awesome to see this. I run basic CSM now and being able to add more flavor, not to mention use, to the units would be a godsend.

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