Sunday, January 12, 2014

Apocalypse Cards

One of the releases that happened alongside the new version of Apocalypse was the deck of physical cards (pictured). These cards contain all of the strategic resources available to players (including those specific to individual races / codexes). Today, I wanted to share a few thoughts about them.

I like these cards in general: they provide a good resource that is handy and ready for the players to consult in the middle of games (if only there were primary and secondary objective / sub-plot cards like that! cf.: my Flux Battle Objectives -- am half tempted to turn them in to playing cards!). In a crazy "everything-in" apocalypse game, it is quite easy to forget these kinds of things, so having these cards is a benefit, in my opinion.

Aside: I accidentally photographed the top card, entitled "Lies of Tzeentch". This is essentially a new version of the old Glamour of Tzeentch which I think is a nice addition to the rules set.

My only complaint about the cards is their colouring. The colour of the text is distinctly dull. Combine this with the off-black background and it sometimes makes for slightly hard reading (especially if trying to read them quickly!). Grim dark - yes. But playability could be slightly better.

The quality of the deck is great. The rectangular set (with corners clipped) are created from quality materials that won't chaff in a rush and can be used repeatedly. Indeed, one way of playing them (particularly that top card and cards like it) is to place them below the miniature in question (i.e. a Herald of Tzeentch in this case) on the game board itself, and have them move with the miniature until they are used up. Hence I'm glad of their robustness in general. All told, the positives for me outweigh the negatives.

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