Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Tyranids

The new welcome addition to the 6th edition of 40k is the Tyranids; available on pre-order as of today. Clearly there are many new miniatures and rules to be digested on the tyranids in the coming weeks. I don't want to add to the rumour mill myself at this stage - I'll content myself to read the rules when they're fully available.

Instead, I wanted to comment on the new miniature range available and what appeals to me about them. I'm going to start with the Haruspex/Exocrine. The Haruspex in a narrative manner is the large-scale equivalent to a ripper. Built to consume, this guy's maw is absolutely incredible! I love the detail in the maw and think it would be terrific to paint up in a green Nurglesque colour in a wicked daemon prince conversion. The Exocrine feels like a greater biovore in many ways. A living plasma cannon in some ways, and not too appealing to me.

The Harpy/Hive Crone is the second wonderful kit that has come out of this release. With a massive, glorious pair of wings, there is a lot to like about this kit.  The Harpy has a nice looking head coupled with a twin liked set of weapons. The overall impression is one of a sleek hunter, which to my mind works very well indeed.  The Hive Crone on the other hind looks interesting with the underwing creatures and the narrative of physically wrestling other aircraft out of the skies. Those underwing creatures (what are they called?) I think would look great on their own circular base (as perhaps an alternate ripper swarm?).

The other new miniatures (tyranid warriors and hive guards) also make great updates - but I'm less excited about them compared to the previous two kits. That said, the fact that most (all?) of the weapon options are present is excellent.

I look forward to seeing some new lists based on the new tyranid codex and some beautiful paint jobs across the blogosphere.


Eldrad Vect said...

Also jabberjabber I'll be starting work on my Hive Fleet Naga possibly in the next month, so look out for some Tyranid based posts in the future. :)

jabberjabber said...

Very nice! ...I'm thinking I should have traded you some of my (unbuilt) tyranids ....

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