Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dungeons and Dragons Cloth Patches

Considered a rarity (and listed in the Tome of Treasures), it is somewhat amazing to think that TSR brought out a series of cloth patches for Dungeon and Dragons at one point. These patches are intended to be ironed on to clothing (baseball caps?) and worn ... but as you can see from my image, I never did that with mine, and I largely forgot about them until moving house and unearthing them once more amongst some roleplaying games and very old Citadel miniatures (and Marauder for that matter too) I have in the collection.

If I recall correctly, I obtained these for DM'ing a series of games at an officially sanctioned event when I was a little bit younger (yes, I used to DM a whole lot!). Vintage and in near mint condition, I suspect these might be worth keeping for a little while longer to ensure that they get even rarer!


Will Arnold said...

I actually have a TSR patch from a con and finding info on it is impossible!

Basshound said...

I so want them!

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