Friday, January 3, 2014

Simple Modelling / Conversion Tip: Angling Heads

jabberjabber here with a very simple tip that I wanted to share with you: Angling heads.

The image is of a plastic plaguebearer, glued together in a standard fashion apart from one thing. The head has been rotated by some 35 or 45 degrees from the vertical position where it might ordinarily be found at.

This technique of angling heads can be applied to most Nurgle models to give them a slightly zombified appearance (as if more were required!). It works especially well with plaguebeareres, zombies, undead, and plaguemarines, but can also be applied to more regular figures. Space marines for instance can be made to look down the barrel of their boltguns with a cocked head to the side which can create a unique model (or indeed squad) when set against what is ordinarily seen on the tabletop.

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