Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Plague Drone of Nurgle: Thoughts on Assembling the Beasts

The plague drone (of codex: chaos daemons, not to be confused with the Forge World unit by the similar but more blighted name but more technological!) is a great sculpt in the plastic.  I bought a batch of drones when they were released alongside the new daemons codex. The picture below shows the first one of them assembled (minus the plaguebearer rider).

Not only does the miniature look totally Nurglesque, but the fetid appearance of the pseudo-fly is excellently executed in the look, feel, vibe and level of detail of the sculpt. The wings along are terrific: modelled so that they can be positions in a number of orientations (with a little work), they add so much dynamism to the miniature - if you've ever faced off against a unit of these flies, you'll know what I mean.  I intend to use mine as a rapid response tarpit unit (as explained in my codex review of the unit).

What I haven't yet done is affixed the rider to the back of the drone. My only complaint about the sculpt is actually the rider. Specifically: the plaguebearer's plaguesword arm (or etherblade arm?) comes in two parts. This is a poor design choice as the the method to attach it is barely more than a step. It really isn't that secure and will break apart at the slightest gust of wind (from experience).  Moreover, pinning it is awkward as the arm is very thin. I might have to experiment with a conversion to make the arm work better.

Apart from that, I think the assembly of the miniature is fine and straight forward enough (following the instructions). But: having been moving house and doing a lot of travel recently, I can assure you that those miniatures with large sticky-out parts (like the drone) are plenty more prone to breakage than the more (errrm...) blocky miniatures (I'm looking at you space marines).  Pack with plenty of wrapping and cushioning!

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