Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dappling Technique

I had a couple of questions about the technique I used to paint my recent red cratered gaming board.  Namely, how to get a half decent dappling effect going.  For the uninitiated, dappling is simply making jabbing motions with the paint brush to create circular blotches of paint in random patches.  Combine this with several colours, and the effect for the game board starts to look quite convincing.  

But, it can be a bit of an arm ache.  And that results in the dappling not looking very random.  The solution I found is easy: enlist your children, nieces/nephews, friend's children to help out.  Not only do the kids have great fun, but the dappling certainly results in a random distribution that is not heavily affected by arm ache as you cover the full 6 x 4 foot board!

In the image, you can also see my finished craters -- just a slightly darker tone than the surrounding red dust of the planet.  I think its looking good now -- ripe for gaming on!

1 comment:

Lead Legion said...

It's a fantastic looking board alright.

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