Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bits Box Raid for Chaotification

Is "Chaotification" a word? Probably not!

Does Chaos care?  Doubt it!

In order to deploy my earlier idea of how to use an Aegis defence line, I decided that the ordinary Imperial defence line just wouldn't be enough.  So, I decided to rummage through the old bits box to see what I could turn up to inspire me.  Below is an image of the assortment of items that I managed to find.  Most of them are from the chaos vehicle accessories sprue -- plenty of spare bits from that source as can be seen. 

Other bits are from more dubious sources, including but not limited to: chaos spawn (what could be more chaotic than random faces and arms growing out of a wall?), ancient warhammer shields, old beige plastic skeleton bits, bastion upgrades, bloodcrusher oddities, and some skulls here and there.  Now to have a cogitate about how to put them all together...

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