Friday, July 27, 2012

Example of Chaos Aegis Defence Line

After a rummage around the bits box, I thought that I might opt for a simple conversion strategy for an Aegis defence line.  The line features simple additions (dozer blade; horus eye, a pair of chaos plate either side) for this one.  I might do something a little bit more Nurglesque for part of the line -- embed some heads and tentacles and generally deface and make the line more decrepit!

The image is just a mock up.  Nothing has been glued in place yet, so if anyone's got some ideas or think the looks needs something else to make it "pop", let me know!  Perhaps its just too Iron Warriors?  Or not?


Anton said...

for an easy conversion it looks cracking,

I'd be tempted to have loads of random things though like tyres, sheets of old rhino armour etc.. you could even get away with what ever you like as ling as there the same lengths.

Masked Thespian said...
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Masked Thespian said...

The Imperial Eagles look far too clean for it to be a Chaos Defence Line. They ought to be covered up, shaved off, or defiled via the paint job.

Lead Legion said...

Very cool, I was planning on doing something like this myself. I agree that the eagles have to go, but I reckon you were planning on doing that anyway.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Guys,
I agree - those Imperial Eagles will have to go. I'll probably green stuff over them and perhaps add some chaos iconography in their place.

Alternatively ... perhaps they belong to the Emperor's Children and have been kept as a taunt? hehehe :)

Neal Crankshaw said...

I really like yours! Especially the eye in the back panel. It makes sense in them using corrupted imperial kit rather than having something totally new.

The GW kit is a little too expensive for me so I have scratchbuilt mine out of laser-cut cardboard.

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