Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cult Chaos Terminators: a Forlorn Hope?

With recent rumours of chaos approaching, many of us ummm more chaotic players are getting angst about whether there will be any cult terminators in the new codex.  For the uninitiated, cult terminators are models such as plague marines and berzerkers in terminator armour.  In the current chaos codex, the only way to get such models is to give them a mark.  But this does not give them the special rules associated with their so-called cults: feeling no pain for plague terminators; furious charge for berzerkers and so forth.  The rumours suggest that the new codex will lack these features as well.  

That would be disappointing.  But I suspect that might not be the entire story.  I'm hoping that the cult marines may have an option to upgrade to terminators.  Given that the "eye of god" is coming back, I hope that is true and not just a forlorn hope!

Perhaps less than two months left to find out :)


Damn The Valley said...

This is one of my fears as well. I want to run a REAL nurgle army, not an army painted green with some plague marines in it.

Lead Legion said...

The rumour mill says August. Can't wait :D

jabberjabber said...

I agree with both of you!

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