Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fortifications in Army Lists

All of us have probably been thinking about how to interpret the new rules consistently, and we've also been tinkering with how to generate meta-breaking army lists to smash all comers with the new allies system in place and some psychic hijinks.  But one thing that I don't think I've been thinking about much until recently is the new option to add some fortifications to army lists.

On the surface, adding in a cheap fortification seems like a reasonable idea to me.  Hide a good shooty squad of marines behind it and blast away all game long (or as long as you can).  But what to invest in?  I think the Fortress of Redemption is a little beyond a regular game for most people ... but it could prove to be rather effective.  I'm giving some more realistic thought to both the Imperial Bastion and the Aegis Defence Line though.  Both being under 100 points means that we can get a good strong wall to protect a valued shooting squad.  The bastion in particular is appealing due to the height gain it can provide for troops stationed inside.

Add in the extra heavy bolters and potentially a few add-ons, and the bastion is looking like it'll be making some regular appearances on the battlefield from now on.  

That said, I am a little concerned that the rules in the 6th edition book don't specify the dimensions that the bastion can have.  Sure - there's a picture of a regular bastion (like my one that I've pictured along with this post), but I can imagine that folks might be taking converted beasties on to the battle field for advantage!  

Well, I better get my bastion painted up soon.  I'm thinking something in dark blue, not a completely chaotic bastion ... but rather one that has been recently abandoned and perhaps daubed with graffiti.  

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Ian Logsdon said...

I'm currently planning to pick up the now overpriced box with the 3 defense lines and 3 bastions. That would allow me to build my nurgle warband and astral claws their own bastion and aegis, then maybe sell the 3rd one, or use it for something else.

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