Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wasp Campaign: Round 4 Prologue

Multi-way battles are something that I've only rarely participated in.  In the fourth round of the Wasp Campaign, we'll be conducting two large-scale multi-way battles:

My own Chaos Space Marine force will take on the combined might of the Crimson Fists and the Black Templars.  The loyalists seek to destroy the chaos forces once and for all, driving them from the surface of the planet and freeing territory from their clutches.  I, of course, view this as "just as planned"... since I used my points from the last round to destroy the Blood Ravens manufactoria and let the Blood Ravens reduce my territory so that I might actually have a sporting chance...

Meanwhile, the Blood Ravens (whose allegiance to the Emperor is at best dubious according the Black Templars) will take on the Orks and the Dark Eldar.  I've offered to loan some khorne berzerkers to the Blood Ravens, should they need any chaos allies...

The battles will have a total base value of 2000, modified by manufactoria and the spread thin rule.  The players who are teaming up will have a base value of 1000 points, again modified as above.

This is going to be fun!

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