Monday, June 4, 2012

Wasp Campaign: Round 3 Results

The results from the third round of the Wasp Campaign were as follows:

Blood Ravens 8 -- 3 Chaos Space Marines
Crimson Fists 6 -- 3 Black Templars
Dark Eldar 8 -- 2 Orks

The Blood Ravens crushed the chaos forces on the Moon of Wasp, recapturing Shackleton's Landing Hive City and freeing its citizenry from enslavement.  But will the citizens be subjected to worse following the Black Templars investigations?  We've heard malicious rumours that paladin84 may have been turned to Khorne worship... Meanwhile the Dark Eldar inflicted a terrible price on the orks, searing their souls in exchange for a longer life expectancy.

In the next round, we'll be going 2 on 1 which we're all looking forward to playing!

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