Friday, June 22, 2012

Wargames Gallery: Challenge Accepted!

"Challenges in Sixth Edition?";
"Challenge accepted, servants of the false emperor!"

(image from the recent Wasp Campaign battle)


Mike Howell said...

Hold 'em with the claw, then hit 'em with the sword. Then squish them again with the claw. Then fly up and smash the remaining pieces into the ground.

BRUTAL COMBO! (in best video game voice)

sonsoftaurus said...

Good to see that Captain Hook finally ascended.

Kraggi said...

Can't decide if I am happy or sad that you thousands of miles away... happy that I will never have to face that model, or sad that I will never get to face that model and all the others you have painted lol.

6th Ed looks awesome, the WD did not sate my curiosity...

jabberjabber said...

Mike -- love it! (good video game voice over!)

sonsoftaurus -- thanks! I really like this mini - I think he works well

Kraggi -- hahah -- cheers!

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