Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Allied Thoughts for Fateweaver

With the new edition on our doorsteps, I've been trying to think about how to maximize the advantages of being able to take allies for daemons (and chaos space marines -- but I'll leave that for another day ... although ork stompas did cross my mind). 

So, I started thinking about Fateweaver and his special ability: he can have his friends re-roll saving throws. What could be exploited with this?  

The first thought I had was to marry him up with something that had good shooting.  That connected me to the idea of having multiple units of obliterators.  Perhaps up on the roof of a piece of scenery that we bought as part of the new force organization chart?

Alternatively, perhaps some Tau allies (not best buddies, but as I read it, could still be affected by Fateweavers rules -- let me know if you disagree) on the same roof could also work well.  Railguns (etc.) could be very appealing there!

Ork allies might make for an entertaining alternative.  Not exactly known for their shooting, but in vast numbers, that could make for a fun army list!  The same might be said for Imperial Guard.

There's too many thoughts zooming around my head to think about with allies.  I think some testing is going to be needed before a final list is built for my 6th edition version of chaos armies.  But the prospect of allies are certainly making me think -- they're going to be a great innovation for 6th!


Farmpunk said...

I think the easiest and most beneficial you're going to find is to go with CSM, since they can share beneficial buffs.

a Sorcerer (has to be non-IC, I think he is not an IC)
1 squad Thousand Sons (they've got an invul if I remember right)
1 squad Oblits

Ian Logsdon said...

Farmpunk, the only Non-IC HQ in the Chaos book is a Daemon prince, you meant non-unique right?


I'm leaning toward no on fateweaver, because no matter who you take as your allie, fateweaver is still a big easy to force morale check monster. I'm leaning toward Epidemius, boat loads of plague bearers, a Great Unclean One, an allied Daemon Prince of Nurgle, 2 units of melta plague marines, a unit of nurgle marked chosen geared for slaughter, and a unit of nurgle marked havocs geared for slaughter. Get the tally up early, laugh as your 3+ FNP ignores most everything, watch as your GUO eats all of his opponents :D

Spaguatyrine said...

Hello jaws. :)

Mike Howell said...

Reading on natfka, it doesn't look like Fateweaver's save reroll from Oracle of Eternity will apply to any army except CSM, since only they would count as friendly.

"Units in your army treat allies of Convenience as enemy units that cannot be charged, shot, targetted with psychic powers or have templates or blast markers placed on them."

We can probably expect a lot of Tau Fire Warriors with "guide" and "fortune" on them though.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks for the feedback guys!

As I understand it, we can't field named characters from the second army (so if Fateweaver is used in daemons, we can't have Ahriman from CSM). At least, I think that's how its going to work.

I like the thought of a mixed Epidemius army -- and have already been thinking about it:here

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