Friday, June 8, 2012

Spread Thin Rule in multi-way Battles

In the next round of our campaign, we will be having 2-on-1 battles.  This poses a dilemma for how to implement the "spread thin" rule for our campaign.

The usual spread thin rule (reproduced below) is based on how many Planetary Empire tiles each opponent holds before the battle, such that the player with the larger number of tiles is at a points disadvantage (i.e. spread thin!) compared to the smaller empire.

Tile Difference
Points Bonus
+50 points.
+100 points.
+150 points.

There are two broad options:
(i) The players simply total the number of tiles that they have and consult the chart above.
(ii) Each player compares individually with their opponent.
(iii) Both of the above!

Here's an example:
The Tau hold 6 tiles and are being attacked by an unholy alliance of necrons and daemons.  The necrons have 4 tiles and the daemons have 3.

Option (i) would see the tau get a bonus 50 points as they have 1 tile less than the necrons plus daemons in total.

Option (ii) would see the necrons get a bonus 50 points and the daemons a bonus 100 points.

We think we might go for option (iii), since it gives everyone a bonus, but would like to hear suggestions and narrative interpretations for any of the options (e.g. flank attacks on both sides for option ii).


Unknown said...

I've got a PE game with 8 players and I wasn't sure how to deal with this either.

We don't have defined alliances per say (do believe that there is a few) but this is how I've handled it when two people attack the same time (there is a third defender). Note, that
Manifoctoriums and command bastions give +50 per extra you have over your opponent.

Player Y and Z have attacked a tile owned by Player X:
Player X = 10 tiles, 3 Manuifactoriums, 0 Command Bastions
Player Y = 8 tiles, 2 Manuifactoriums, 1 Command Bastions
Player Z = 7 tiles, 0 Manuifactoriums, 2 Command Bastions

Player X vs Player Z:
Player X = 150 (3 extra Mani) = 150
Player Z = 150 (3 less tiles) + 100 (2 extra Commands) = 250

Player X vs Player Y:
Player X = 50 (1 extra Mani) = 50
Player Y = 100 (2 less tiles) + 50 (1 extra Commands) = 150

Player X = (150 + 50) / 2 = 100
Player Y = 150
Player Z = 250

TLDR: Determine bonus for each attack individually and average the results for the defender.

Xzandrate said...

I'm assuming that the side with 2 players will each bring their own force. So two distinct Force Org charts is a huge advantage, 6 heavy, fast, or elite choices compared to 3.

It really depends on how much you want the game to play towards balanced tiles. If you don't want anyone to get really far ahead, use option 2, if you want something a little more fair option 1 would be better, but will likely deter allying. I think option 3 is just compromise for the sake of compromise and will end up being no better than having no bonus.

You could do something like option 1, but since most times the allies will have more tiles combined add the tiles, and then subtract 1 for each person after the first. So 2 people would be total-1, 3 people would be total-2, etc. This represents that they have a greater number, but less cohesion.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks for the opinions guys!

In the end, we decided to opt for the blended option, simply because everyone gets something. Battle reports to follow...

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