Saturday, June 2, 2012

NEWS: Games Workshop goes Digital

Announced today, Games Workshop is going digital.  The major news is that Codex: Space Marines is available through iBookstore for iPads (along with 8 other products as of today).  The new version of the codex contains more than 300 pages and updates for the stormtalon ship.  

Could this be the shape of things to come?  More than likely.  By ensuring sales through digital media, they create a new income stream and one that might be preferable if they update (i.e. faq and errata) the codices that way from now on.  Moreover, they potentially(?) take away revenue stream from online retailers through this method.  Clever, appealing and a good move for GW if they keep everything up to date.  Pity we can only get the product through iBookstore, but I understand why.  


eriochrome said...

Not that I was going to buy anything but to bad it is istore. That really cuts the market in half given that the ipad is 2-3 times as expensive as the Nook or Kindle products.

One thing that does worry me is that the epic and blood bowl rules content that was free as recently as last week is no longer hosted on the GW site.

40Keydet said...

you can still find it, just google whatever specialist game rulebook you're looking for. GW has taken down the links for them, but has not removed them. This is a pretty standard thing when they re-release a specialist game. (the rumor is a bloodbowl re-do) They did the same thing a month or so before Dreadfleet was released.

Anton said...

I think. It's a good. Move, but only if the PDF was a reduced price compared To the actual copy to reflect the lack of materials etc, if they would have done a similar format to he war games vault so you could down load to your normal pc and then transfer to what ever tablet you use then that wud have been a sure winner!

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