Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dark Angels Coming Up

The rumours feel like they're true: hot on the heels of Chaos Space Marines, the Dark Angels will be descending upon us.  My long term readers will know the soft spot I have for this legion, so these rumours are very enticing!

I'm wondering how the two forces will be tied together with their releases (and possible co-releases in the next boxed set)?  I'm personally hoping for a bit more of the modern Fallen -- the forces the were loyal to Luther on Caliban at the turn of the Horus Heresy. I'd be very interested in seeing how the new Dark Angels could be adapted to use as a Fallen codex, rather than use the chaos space marine codex as Fallen.  

What can I say: the thought of Death Wing and Raven Wing traitors excite me!  

(addenda: I'm reading The Primarchs right now and have become equally excited by the Death Guard's "Grave Wardens" terminators.... featured in the Dark Angels book chapters alongside the Iron Hands...).

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