Thursday, June 14, 2012

Close Combat Weapons with AP in 6th

One of the rumours circulating about the 6th edition of Warhammer 40k is the introduction of AP values for different weapons. This is one change that I'm genuinely liking the sound of.

In some ways, this already exists, with AP1 being used for power fists (and the like).  However, I wonder if space marine chainswords could now be differentiated from "normal" knives and the like by having a superior AP value -- that would be a nice development as I've always thought that they should be better at ripping through armour than some plague zombie's dulled, rusted blade.  The more deadly looking, the better the AP!  Well, that's my dream anyhow.

The guy on the left in the image is a plague marine horseman lord with a very large spiky looking halberd that is being wielded in one hand.  I reckon this should have AP6 at least, just because it looks threatening in the hands of an evil chaos lord.  Notwithstanding that he's also wearing a power fist on the other arm, what do you reckon a mean looking halberd's AP should be?

If a somewhat mundane melee weapon gains AP6 or 5 such as a chainsword or intimidating halberd, and a power sword gets AP2, I'm also interested to hear what people think AP4 or AP3 might be caused by?  Some eldar weapons perhaps?  Plague swords and other chaos implements of death dealing?  Other weapons?  Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing the wording of this rule in 6th!


Firewasp said...

I like the sound of the AP value on CCWs, bit of a hark back to 2nd edition, my only concern with this is that it will hurt xenos armies more then any marine armies.

I am looking forward to the new rules though

(new blog)

Ian Logsdon said...

Personally, I'm all for making combat more interesting, I just hope my nids and daemons get something out of this edition.

The rumors about psychers make me wonder, because a lot of nid models have psychic powers, but will they have access to the same deck of spells as everyone else? Probably not, or my broodlord spam list might come in handy lol. (rencently converted blog to 40k)

Mike Howell said...

This is an intriguing idea. As a first-WHFB then 40k player, I've always been a little mystified by the "my armor is 100% effective until it is 0% effective" model for AP. Fantasy's armor being affected by strength always made more sense, and some fusion of AP and strength based armor modification would be interesting (if headache-inducing in complexity.)

After all... as things currently sit, three basic imperial guardsman poking a chaos terminator once each with a bayonet have a statistically better chance of killing it than a Warboss hitting that same marine once with a Big Choppa. Granted, the number of attacks abstract that (more hits = more wounds = more likely to cause an armor save) but it still seems a little odd.

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