Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Auxilia Stormsword Super-Heavy Tank

The storm sword is essentially a modification of any number of super heavy tanks. Rather than try to fully repair a broken superheavy like a Shadowsword, some forces opt to repair it by simply fitting a siege cannon on to the patched up shell. Thus the stormsword is born.

The strength of this beast is in its primary weapon. Although it is not a D class weapon, it certainly packs a punch and is (in my opinion) well worth the points cost associated with the vehicle. Firstly, its a short range weapon. But with S=10 and very low AP, its going to be dangerous to anything in the game. What makes it truly shine though, is the absolutely humongous template associated with it - a full apocalyptic blast no less. Better yet, it ignores cover!

The tank is a close range tank, and therefore must be carefully treated to ensure it gets in to the optimum firing position before being hit by enemy class D weapons, or knights in close combat and the like. Additionally, the rear armour is going to be a prime target on this tank, like its cousins, but perhaps even more vulnerable due to the need to manoeuvre in to position more acutely.

Two builds for this super heavy -- a baseline build and something a little bit more upgraded.

Stormsword, armoured ceramite (510 points)
Armoured ceramite is almost a given in the 30k environment. I deliberately take melta guns to face down enemies who don't pay the points for this upgrade, because that's how I roll.

Stormsword, armoured ceramite, two pairs of lascannon sponsons, pintle mounted multi-laser (625 points)
Very pricey here, but also very versatile and effective, so long as the range is kept to 48" and under (preferably 36" and under!). Upgrade to a command tank to taste.

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