Monday, September 28, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Auxilia Shadowsword Super-Heavy Tank

Of all the Baneblade style chassis, my personal favourite to fields is the Shadowsword. Largely, this is because of its reputation and ability as a tank killer.

Although at the turn of the Heresy, this tank was rarely used, it became a staple of the Auxilia and the like as they were pressed in to service to counter enemy titans.

The Volcano Cannon is a D-class weapon with an absolutely huge range, low AP, and large blast radius. For a superheavy, and for a Lords of War slot, this beast really does the job very well.

But to be sure, I would certainly advocate taking more lascannons on the sponsons to get some shield generators down and inflict additional hull point damage on enemy targets.

Arguably the low BS of the tank is an issue. But this could be mitigated a little by sacrificing some lascannons for targeters to boost the BS. For additional lascannons this could be important. Equally, if one is taking additional lascannons, then its likely that some will hit regardless. The rear armour is just as much a concern here as it is for other tanks of its ilk.

Just two builds from me for this one. A baseline style build and a more upgraded one.

Shadowsword, armoured ceramite (480 points)
This is probably the baseline. That said, I'd be sorely tempted to add on extra lascannons from my experience of fielding these tanks in Apocalypse games.

Shadowsword, armoured ceramite, two pairs of lascannon / heavy bolter sponsons, multi-melta on the pintle (600 points)
A very upgraded version of the tank that I would favour. I'm a fan of taking more las cannons over improving the BS (because dice gods favour the bold!), but clearly that's still an option. The multi melta is just to add extra low AP weapons to the arsenal; and hoping people didn't have the points for armoured ceramite. 

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