Friday, September 11, 2015

Alpha Legion Contemptor #2

Following hot on the heels of another converted Alpha Legion contemptor, comes this second addition to the talon. This particular beast has a true claw with integrated heavy flamer, plus an eldar wraith sword in the right hand that he's decided to make use of (because if xenos weapons are good enough for Alpharius, then he wouldn't mind him using such a sword either, right?). 

The base is from Scibor and offsets the resin contemptor very nicely. The overall pose is one of a running dreadnought, where only one the the feet (the right one, nearest the camera in the image) is attached to the base. The left arm is outstretched as if flaming the area in front of him, whilst the sword arm is being brought up, in readiness to strike out at the enemies of the Emperor. Or enemies of the Warmaster. Or both. Or neither. Hey, its the Alpha Legion, we're all confused.

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