Monday, September 21, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Cyclops Remote Demolitions Unit

These are remote controlled bombs No more, no less. They go up to their targets and explode. That's it. That's all they do! But they do it very well!

I really like this unit to be honest! That said, I feel they are slightly over costed. But some play experience with them might change my mind on that.

There are three main types of explosive: a demolition charge that can take out space marines; an incineration charge that can ignore cover but is not as devastating as the former; and an atomantic imploder for a D strength hit.

Apart from what I might feel about the uncompetitive costings, the main weakness is that they cannot move unless there's a character within 36 inches of them. I guess remote controls don't have a spectacular range in 30k sadly.

The 4+ armour save is nothing brilliant either. At least they have more than one wound each though.

2 Cyclops with demolition charges (140 points)
This is one to drive up to space marine squads and explode at them. Two of them here to ensure at least a rout test will take place.

2 Cyclops with incineration charges (160 points)
This is to take out Orks, Tyranids, and enemy Auxilia hiding in cover. It won't particularly help with power armour since the AP is worse than for the demolition charges.

3 Cyclops with atomantic imploders (360 points)
Three lots of D strength hits can be devastating to any vehicle or infantry in the game. That said, taking one might be preferable just for distraction's sake.

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