Thursday, September 24, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Auxilia Baneblade Super-Heavy Battle Tank

And now we turn to the super heavies for the Lords of War entries in the Solar Auxilia Army List. These entries are based around the bane blade and shadow sword chassis and are exactly what you might have come to expect from Apocalypse for the main part.

A baneblade, fundamentally, is a rolling tank fitted out with a whole heap of nasty guns. The bane blade cannon is an excellent S=9 apocalyptic blast that few other things in the game can match. Added on to this are the demolisher cannon, heavy bolters and possibly additional armaments. This tank is a real contender on the battlefield!

I'm always torn on whether to go for this one, or one of its sister tanks - such as a shadowsword. Fundamentally, this probably depends on one's play style. The one thing I will mention here though is that lack of D-class weapons. If you're allowed Lords of War, then presumably one has to think your opponent has opted for a D-class weapon somewhere.

I'll do just two builds here - a baseline one first, and then a bit of an upgraded one.

Baneblade, armoured ceramite (560 points)
The baseline with additional armoured ceramite to negate all those melta toting squads.

Baneblade, armoured ceramite, 2 additional sponsons, pintle multi-melta (680 points)
Take a command tank upgrade to taste. And / or hunter killer missiles. Team up with a tank commander just for additional fun.

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